A Few Dead Men

(A How-to Guide for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse)

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 This is the way the world ends....not with a bang, but with noobs...

                                                                        THE STORY                                                                                                                       THE CREATORS                                     


Our three heroes, plus a Canadian, face down an army of the undead in this action-packed and emotional conclusion!



Our three heroes question their new companion, while also giving their philosophies on how life should be. They come face to face with the G-Woman, who brings with her a whole new danger.


Max hosts an impromptu talent show to cheer up Floyd, but they are surprised by a stranger and a dangerous new zombie...



Max and McKloskey attempt to rescue Floyd from the clutches of the hairstylist!


Floyd is held captive by a mysterious G-Man, while Max and McKloskey continue to follow his trail.


Floyd mysteriously disappears, so Max and McKloskey set out to find him.


Floyd befriends a trapped zombie, but risks alienating his comrades who are still among the living.


Our intrepid heroes continue their journey, meeting a hairstylist along the way. Max has some practical problems with the sword on his back.


Our three heroes decide to track down a mysterious radio signal in the zombie-infested wilderness.


Three strangers meet in the post-apocalyptic wilderness, and share their stories of first encounters with the zombie kind.




Robbie was born and raised in a small town in Michigan. He enjoys using his astounding knowledge of mechanics to fix things, riding his quad, and hanging out with friends. He's the crazy one of the bunch. Yes, he is single.

He provides his quad, time, and lots of humor to our video productions.


John has spent his whole life hoping for the zombie apocalypse so that he wouldn't have to go to school. But fate has not been kind to John, and he has been thoroughly educated. He enjoys shooting, pwning noobs, and using his medic's training to treat zombie bites. 

He provides all the zombie vocals, "animatronics," and his ability to deliver cheesy lines without cracking a smile.


Jake, (John's older brother), grew up across the fields from Robbie, and they have been best buds pretty much forever. He enjoys marksmanship, pyrotechnics, and making silly movies (and occasionally serious ones.)

He does most of the writing and video editing for the episodes, as well as a good chunk of the directing and camera work. But he's humble about it. 



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